Tebah Educational Initiative

Message From The Founder


Mrs. Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah

Growing up in Ghana as a young child and achieving my universal primary and junior secondary education from Bonyere Catholic Primary, Top Royal Preparatory School, and Air Force Junior High School Takoradi Ghana, I understand the challenges that students in developing countries encounter throughout their academics, but I believe with a little support and aid, they can achieve their educational goals. I’m passionate about this service, not only to give back to communities but also to inspire and motivate our generational leaders to strive and achieve their dreams. I hope to make a difference in society and the world at a glance. I’m honored to have established the Tebah Educational Initiative Organization, as I hope to encourage the young ones that with hard work, dedication, and keeping God first, you can accomplish your goals.

Mrs. Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah is a graduate with a master’s in taxation from Southern New Hampshire University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Coppin State University’s School of Business. 

An advisor at VAYA LLC and a tax accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Boston. Before joining PwC, she worked as a senior tax accountant at Medaglia & Murphy Inc., Malone Dirubbo & Company, PC.,  Nathan Wechsler & Company, and TD Emory CPA firm. She was also the executive administrator to the dean of Coppin State College of Business, and the online coordinator and recruiter to the University School of Business. Mrs. Yanyi-Ampah serves as a motivational speaker, educator, and humanitarian. She has inspired, motivated, and educated young adults at her church, school, and organizations.

She helps students reflect on their past and see the prospect of their future, which enables them to move forward with confidence.

“As we strive for higher education, let us not forget where we come from.” –Viola Tebah

“Use the education you get to expand where you are not to live someone else’s dream.” –Viola Tebah