Tebah Educational Initiative

2021 Projects

Tebah Educational Initiative (T.E.I.) launched its new program, “T.E.I Young Professional Group,” in December 2021 at the Tomreik Hotel Accra.  T.E.I. YPG is an initiative to empower young professionals and emerging leaders. We create opportunities for connectivity, education, and involvement in our community. T.E.I. YPG welcomes individuals from the university level to their 30’s.

We offer an outlet for professional development, mentorship, networking, financial and project management, and volunteering opportunities. We provide a channel by which individuals may enhance their personal and professional development, building a generation of leaders to impact the future Ghana.

The 2021 event was attended by young professionals who gained knowledge in areas such as financial and time management, leadership, mentorship, and networking. The program shaped students professional and personal skills as they prepare for the corporate world.

T.E.I introduced another program within the same year called LEAD, (Leadership Empowerment & Development). This is an annual program within Tebah Educational Initiative which gives our students the opportunity to serve as officers within the organization. The goal of this program is to enable our students the opportunity to hold leadership positions, improving students’ skills while training them on the daily operations of the organization. This program gives students the opportunity to network, build on their social and professional skills.

Leadership: developing leadership skills that enable one to perform and help the organization achieve greater impact in the community.

Empowerment: Empowering mentees to recognize their passion, self-confidence, and ability to reach their full potential.

Development: providing learning tools for mentees to grow and increase performance within the organization, professional life, and personal life.

The LEAD programs are geared toward developing skills and knowledge in the following topics:

2021 Program Pictures