Tebah Educational Initiative

2016 Projects

Three Projects Outline Outside United States: 

In May 2016 Tebah Educational Initiative extended its program to South Africa partnering with Naledi Foundation focuses on working with students in rural schools to achieve excellence. Naledi Foundation strongly believe that, “Children in rural areas are more likely than urban youth to be victims of child abuse, neglect, crime and substance abuse. Thus introducing interventions focusing on the rural population as diligently as other group (s) has never been this vital since almost a quarter of school-aged children in South Africa attend school and live in rural areas.” Tebah Educational Initiative involved in a Life- Skills Training with the students in Makuya community educating them about Sex, Pregnancy, HIV/AID etc. Students were engaged in interaction with other students to build on their self esteem and the act of speaking in public confidently. This helped the students to face the challenges and express themselves openly for assistance.

Naledi Foundation exists to realize the following objectives;

Our organization conducted a sanitation program in Haiti in November 2016. We encouraged the community, students, parents, and teachers on the importance of sanitation. The goal of the sanitation workshop was to help students in Desire to have a basic knowledge of keeping their surroundings clean and ensuring the safety of themselves. The two-day workshop was designed to provide a thorough understanding of sanitation. We addressed basic sanitation as well as cutting edge issues related to food, water sanitation, and hygiene procedures. There is a need for intervention to educate individuals about sanitation. Therefore, sanitation is so important to our program because students need the basic knowledge in reference to sanitation and infectious diseases all over the world. We provided the students at Orphelinat Centre D’accueil De Desire the educational tools to support the students in their academics. Tebah Educational Initiative is empowering the youth through mentorship for the betterment of their communities.

Conditions Of Students


Preparation for our 2016 Haiti & Ghana mission trips. Thanks to our interns Ms. Arkah and Ms. Mensah for a great work this week. We packed back to school supplies for our students in our mentorship programs. T.E.I is mentoring 170-200 students in Ghana and supporting 70 children in Haiti. Overall, we have touched the lives of 6000 students through our speaking engagements in Ghana, South Africa, Haiti, and the United States. Every year T.E.I donate school supplies to the students in Haiti & Ghana for the success of their academies. This year we will be donating over 150 school bags, 3,000 exercise books, 600Pencils, 600Pens, P & P Case, Erasers, Sharpeners, 1000Rulers, etc.…. We’re nurturing the youth for a better future.