OBJECTIVE ON EDUCATION: Tebah Education Initiative provides an engaging program that makes learning encouraging. We are determined to restore the confidence in students.


  1. Advocates  STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in our mentorship program
  2. Career Development Workshops
  3. Scholarship Opportunities
  4. Educational Resources to students
  5. Health & Wellness Educational Programs
  6. Life Skill Workshops 
  7. Tutoring Programs
  8. Mentorship to children with special education needs.

Long Term Initiatives:

  1. Building libraries within schools and communities
  2. Building Learning Centers for mentorship programs
  3. Implement Summer Programs
  4. Internship Opportunities for our Mentees 
  5. Initiative Business Forums on Entrepreneurship
  6. Teachers and Parents Motivational Workshops
  7. Offer Study Abroad Opportunities and Programs
  8. Start up T.E.I conference every two years.


The Tebah Educational Initiative (T.E.I) Mentoring Program is an intensive after-school program that provides structured year-round after-school and summer services for youth ages 12 to 18. It has been designed to promote youth excellence, cultivate responsible leaders, and support academic excellence and student engagement in school and community environments. Specific T.E.I activities include group counseling, life skills coaching, creative arts, field trips, adventure programming, recreation, and mentoring.

We work to harness students skills and talents. We emphasized on the (6 C’s) competence, confidence, connection, character, caring and contribution. We focused on students self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-control.  The program increases students school attendance, engagement, and self-esteem.

Internship Opportunity:  T.E.I places our mentees in a six week internships opportunity with local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. Prior to their internship placements, youth participate in a twenty-hour job skills workshop, where they develop a cover letter, resume, and interview skills. The goal of the internship opportunity is to enhance their skills in their career field of their choice.

This program is open to all students who are interested. Our goal is to help our mentees by connecting them to job opportunities, youth leadership programs, tutoring programs, scholarship opportunities, volunteer opportunities etc…

Program Outline

  • Enhance on Students Moral, Discipline and Growth
  • History Month Celebration (February-March) Research on Historic Leaders and their Impacts in world.
  • Speaking Engagement & Presentations on different subjects.
  • Debates
  • Reading Club
  • Health & Wellness Educational Programs (Engaging student and teaching them on healthy lifestyle.)
  • Sanitation Workshop
  • Vocational Training Skills
  • Peers Educating Peers (PEP).  The negative impact of peer pressure. (Sex, Drug, Stealing etc…)
  • Providing Seminars on College application and High School
  • Learning how to build individual Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Dress for success workshops
  • Invite Speakers from business sectors to share their experience in their fields/career.
  • Job Skills Training (Internships)
  • Life Skills Program (Extracurricular Activities)
  • Educational and Cultural Awareness (Field Trips)
  • Graduation & Appreciation Receptions Celebration